Amazon S3 Integration & Video Player Features Announcement

Today I want to announce some new features that are now live in your VOOplayer account!

1)  Amazon S3 Integration

Now you can upload videos directly to your Amazon S3 account from within VOOplayer.  Just click the link to upload the link to S3, and a popup like this will appear:


Just enter your keys and bucket name.  They will be saved there for future uses.  On the next video you upload, if you want to change the bucket name or you changed your secret key, just edit it and save it and again it will be saved for the next video!

2)  Automatic Splash Screen

We have also incorporated the ability to automatically extract a splash-screen from your .mp4 videos and upload it to your Amazon S3 account to use within VOOplayer.  All you need to do is add your .mp4 video into the video URL field, and it will automatically give you the option to select a splash-screen.  You just choose the scene of the video, in seconds, of the splash-screen you want to use and click the button “Generate Splash From Video”:



After you do that, you will get the same popup for Amazon S3! Easy as pie :)

You can also automatically extract a splash-screen from a Youtube video as well.   Just enter your Youtube video URL in the video URL field, and then you will see a button to generate the splash screen like this:


Once you click on the button, it will automatically add a random frame for the splash screen:


3)  Pop-up Video

You can now display a small thumbnail on your website and when the visitor clicks on the thumbnail, the video will launch as popup/modal window.  To use this feature, just use this code on your page:


4)  Pause/Play on Scrolling

For this feature, you can now put a video on your page that will PLAY when it’s in the visitors view, and pause when they scroll up/down and the video is no longer in view.  You can test this by placing the video low on your page and enable this option:


PRO TIP:  If you have a salespage with a demo video or sales video lower on the page, this is extremely valuable!

Questions/concerns/comments let me know in the comments below.  As always, helpdesk is available to help as well!

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12 Responses to “Amazon S3 Integration & Video Player Features Announcement”

  1. Great additions to the VooPlayer – can’t wait to try them out! Thanks guys – you rock!

  2. Bill, this Amazing Player just got better! That is hard to believe since it was already super sweet. I just love it when product creators / developers take care of their customers by updating the products. I grabbed this with developer rights when it first came out a long time ago and the value of my purchase keeps getting better and better. Some people ignore their products and they become obsolete, but not you. It just feels good to be around and connected with a great product creator. Thanks a Ton

  3. Very well done!

  4. Hey, this are great additions. Thank you!

    One note about page load speed. We noticed that with VP on homesite page load is slower. Is it technically possible to address that and avoid delays?

  5. Hello Bill,

    Great product here and I am scheduling to use your VooPlayer product from this month. Want to know you are reassuring myself and all your customers that you are going to have this product and support up for the “long haul.” I plan to use this product to embed videos on three blogs that I intend on keeping up for at least 6 years and more!

    Thanking you in advance,


    • Hi Bruce – Yep sure do, it’s been available for a few years now and we are currently working on brand new UI. We’ve also recently added many new features in preparation for the new interface, haven’t even had time to post blog posts for them all. Most notably our upgrade to the analytics has been HUGE. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I try to do this with S3 but I can’t authorize; I get the message “API Integration Coming Soon.”

    Is this not working?

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