Building A Niche Site Part Five – SEO For The Niche Site

This post has taken me a while to get to.  With the holidays and our projects, I’ve been slacking.  But, I’m not going to tell you my New Year’s SEO amazon niche siteresolution is to write on the blog more.  I don’t do New Year’s resolutions.  So I’m just going to simply say I will get to this blog more :)

This is part five of a series of posts in which I am building an Amazon niche site from the ground up.  Here is a summary of those past posts:

1. I found a product to promote on Amazon and checked the keywords for it

2. The main keyword for the product has alot of searches

3.  I checked competition for this keyword, and I think I can rank it top 3 of da GOOOOOG

4.  I found a suitable domain and bought it

5.  I ordered the first article on for the first product review

6.  I installed my WordPress theme and plugins

7.  I uploaded the first article I ordered

8.  I found 6 more products and related keywords, and ordered content.  I now have a total of 7 product review articles, with one or more keywords targeting each page.

9.  Content ordered, delivered, and added to site.  One article was added every 2-3 days.

10.  After I added all of the content, I went ahead and added to it.  I added more details, better information, some product comparisons, and anything else I thought the writer missed.  I also did the formatting and added images.

11.  I made sure all on the on-page SEO was correct.

You can get to all those posts here on my author page:

So, here we are.  I have a site.  I have the content.  I have the nice design, and the images, and everything.  Now I guess some visitors would be good right?  So onto off-page SEO we go.

Step One:  I got some web 2.0’s built

Now this step can be done for free, and you can do it yourself if you want.  I paid to have this done, but as I outlined here you can actually do this yourself.  Here are the steps I personally took to get this done…

First I ordered content for this.  Now, this content does not have to be good AT ALL.  It just has to be original.  I paid about $10 for the original article and then to have that article spun into 20 more versions.  Each one ended up at least 70% unique, with most of them over 80% unique.  I got 3 orders of these, one for each of the 3 main keywords I was targeting.

Once I got the content, I got the web 2.0’s created with the content.  I used a service provider from Blackhatworld to get this done.  I’ve also used service providers at Wickedfire, and I’ve used Fiverr as well.

OK so now that I have all of them created, I let them age a bit.  I waited at least a month before doing anything with them because some of them will get deleted by the site admins.

Step Two:  Scrapebox blasts to web 2.0’s

Once a month went by, I began blasting those web 2.0 links with blog comments.  I did this myself using Scrapebox, and I ordered blasts from both Fiverr and BHW as well.  I explained some of this in my SEO for beginner’s post as well.  I didn’t point any of these links to my niche site, only to the web 2.0’s.

Step Three:  Social Bookmarks

Next step was to order some social bookmarking services from Wickedfire.  This step you really can’t do yourself unless you have software like Sick Submitter or Bookmarking Demon.  Some of those guys I buy bookmarking services from also use custom made software as well.  At this point I don’t have time to learn software myself, which is why I outsource so much of my SEO work now.

But if you want to do it yourself and save some money you certainly can.  What I am ordering is anywhere from 1000 to 3000 social bookmarks to my site for each targeted keyword.  I usually use around 5-15 different keyword variations from the main target keyword.  These links all point straight to my niche site homepage

Step Four:  Build My Rank

Build My Rank is a private blog network that publishes content onto their sites with your links in the content.  Basically you sign up for their service, and use their web-based system to submit articles with links in them.  The articles must be at least 150 words to have one link in them.

The one big thing about BMR that people don’t like is that your content has to be 100% original and have no spelling or grammatical errors.  They do this for one reason:  to protect their network.  Lots of networks like theirs have been de-indexed by Google over the past 6 months or so, so BMR is very careful about the content that goes on their sites.

And it’s also a monthly fee.  But here’s the thing:  BMR works.  Yes it can be pricey and time consuming, but it works and it works well.  Highly recommend using BMR.

Step Five:  Authority Link Network

Authority Link Network is another blog network, but it’s a little different.  This one is a little more advanced, and I would not recommend using if you are totally new to SEO.  The idea behind ALN is that you pay a small monthly fee and add your own domains to the ALN network.  You still own the domains, but you add it to their network of sites.

The whole network is completely contributed by the users of the network.  Depending on the PR of your sites, you get a number of submissions per day.  For example, if you have 10 PR3 domains on the network you can submit a certain amount of articles per day to the network.  And if you have 10 PR4, you get more submissions.  So the more PR you add to the network, the more articles you can submit to the network.

I actually outsource this out, but lots of my friends do this manually themselves.  It’s a little time consuming, but it works.  And it works very, very well.  You just have to get content for it, and buy domains for it.  You can even buy just PR2 and PR3 domains so you don’t spend alot of money, since PR4’s and up start to get expensive.  If you have any questions about this, just ask below in the comments section and I will help you out.

About the content needed for ALN…you do NOT need original content for it like you do for BMR.  HOWEVER, you need to make sure that the content is spun very well, or it will not get indexed by Google.  And more and more SEO’s are beginning to believe that links on original content count more as well.  This of course is conjecture for the most part, but it does make sense.

Step Six:  Unique Article Wizard

Unique Article Wizard is yet another blog network with article directories mixed in as well.  You submit articles in the web-based user interface and the articles are distributed at the rate you specify.  You can submit up to 20 per day.  For UAW you do not need original content like you do for BMR, so many people do prefer using UAW because of this.  You can use PLR content or spun content.  But again, the better it’s spun and more original it is, the better.

Now if you are just starting, and can’t afford alot to spend on linkbuilding I would recommend you start with BMR and ALN With BMR you can write your own content and submit the links.  But if you do it consistently you will see results.  For ALN you can simply buy some cheap PR2 domains to add to the network and get yourself started.  Write some content and spin it very well with something like the The Best Spinner and submit to the network.  If you really need to spend as little money as possible, then use ALN.  It just freakin’ works, plain and simple.

So, how has this link building been working out so far?

Here are the screenshots from Market Samurai:

Keyword 1

Keyword 2

Keyword 3

I am also ranking top 20 for a variety of other long tails as well.  Currently I am getting around 80 visitors per day, and got the first sales from this domain a few weeks ago, in the last week of December.  For January it looks like I will clear $50 for the month for this domain.  Not bad for the first full month and not much traffic.  Of course with the amount spent on the domain, content, WordPress theme, links, etc I am still in the red.  But I will be in the black in a few months time.

If you pick the right keywords, put up a nice design with quality content, and get traffic then you will see a return on your investment.  It may take some time, but that is the way it is.  This is business.  And no one said internet marketing was easy.

Next Up:

Next I will get into some other details on the site I changed, other plugins I added, other SEO I’ve done, and more fun and random stuff!



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