Building A Niche Site Part Two – Setting Up WordPress

If you want to read my first post on this topic, just go here.

This is the second post in a series in which I will document building an Amazon products review site.  In my first installment, I talked about finding the products, checking keywords and the competition for those keywords, buying a domain name, and ordering content.

While I waited for that first article for the first product review on the site, I started building my WordPress site.  Now to be honest, I’m kind of annoying when it comes to themes.  I end up spending way too much time finding one, when in the end I will likely change it at least once or twice as the site progresses.  This is a lesson to everyone out there in internet marketing:  just get it done and perfect it later! 

As much as I always say this to not only myself but other IM’ers I talk to, I still fall victim!  So anyways…I spent way too much time on deciding on a theme, but I finally did.

>>>>>>>>>> Here are the themes I liked:Setting up WordPress

I have all of these.  They are all great themes.  You don’t even need to use any of these, but I just wanted to show you the 5 I pretty much chose from.  For this site I am using Flexsqueeze.  It is not your traditional product review theme, but you can customize so much of it and do it so easily, that I went for this one.  It’s a great theme, and can be used for just about anything.

OK once I installed FlexSqueeze I messed around with the settings a bit.  I didn’t really do too much right now.  I don’t care about getting everything perfect (as I talked about above), my main goal at this point is to get the site up and get the content dripped out to it.  By dripped out, I mean I will post an article every 3-5 days.  I won’t put them all up at once, even though I will get alot of the content from my writer at once.  When I get the site ranked on the first page of the GOOOOG and start getting traffic, then I will work more on the site and polish it up.

All of the plugin I started with are free except for ClickBump SEO.  If you are interested in seeing why I use it, I previously wrote a blog post with some videos about it.

>>>>>>>>>> Here are the plugins I installed:

Those are all the plugins that I started with.  I am sure I will add more later, and when I do I will let you know.

After I got this stuff installed and configured the theme a bit, I uploaded the first article I ordered.  So as of right now I only have the site up with one article and that is it.  Let me review all the steps up until this point:

1.  I found a product to promote on Amazon and checked the keywords for it

2.  The main keyword for the product has alot of searches

3.  I checked competition for this keyword, and I think I can rank it top 3 of da GOOOOOG

4.  I found a suitable domain and bought it

5.  I ordered the first article on for the first product review

6.  I installed my WordPress theme and plugins

7.  I uploaded the first article I ordered

Next up:  research other products and keywords for more reviews, and order some more articles.  In the next post I will talk about the research I did to find those other products, the keywords for those products, and the competition.

OK that’s it for now.  If you have any questions or you have any themes and/or plugins you especially like I would love to hear about it!  See ya next time kiddies…

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2 Responses to “Building A Niche Site Part Two – Setting Up WordPress”

  1. Hi Bill, Awesome blog, I found you via Spencer in NP, would like to say I am exactly like you, spend way too much time trying to find the perfect theme, which I realise doesn’t exist, every theme will need some customisation unfortunateley but just can’t help myself, just obssed with making my site look good, instead of knuckling down and just getting on with it.

    • Hey Tony, thanks very much! Yep I know it drives me crazy when I catch myself trying to make something “perfect” or find something “perfect”. The key is progress now and perfection later.

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