How to Disable/Remove Admin Bar on WordPress For Logged In Users

After WordPress released version 3.1+ the WP admin bar appears for ALL logged in users while reading a post or page.

So if you’re like me you do not like that admin bar hanging around there and you may want to hide/remove it. There different ways to remove admin bar on WordPress.

Disable WordPress Admin Bar Per User Basis

This method disables the admin bar per user basis. For example, if you want to disable the admin bar for your or someone else account just Go to Users > Your Profile > Show Admin Bar and uncheck on “when viewing site”.

Plugins to Disable WordPress Admin Bar for ALL Users

A number of plugins have come up to delete/disable/hide/remove the WordPress admin bar as well as to modify and relocate it. You can use any the following WordPress plugin to disable/remove your admin bar.

Global Hide/Remove Admin Bar Plugin – Easily add a global option to hide/remove the new Admin bar in WP 3.1+. Adds an option to the Settings Menu to globally turn off the Admin Bar and/or turn off the user option in the profile to show admin bar.

Admin Bar Disabler – Disable the WP Admin Bar in 3.1+ entirely, or only for roles and capabilities which aren’t in the ‘whitelist’ or ‘blacklist’.

WP Custom Admin Bar – A really simple and easy to use plugin to help gain control of the new Admin Bar. This gives you options to change who sees the Admin Bar based on their user role, change or override the default styling and remove the Admin Bar altogether.

Admin Bar Minimiser –The Admin Bar Minimiser Plugin was written to help users keep the admin bar active but be able to minimise it at any time to make it less obtrusive.

Stick Admin Bar To Bottom – Annoyed by the new Admin Bar that is covering the top 28 pixels of your website, but you don’t want it completely gone? This plugin sticks the Admin Bar to the bottom of your screen!

Hide Admin Bar Search – Small plugin to hide the search box in the admin bar in both dashboard and site views.

Logged Out Admin Bar -Makes that admin bar always visible even for logged out users. Adds a login button when logged out, the shortlink also displays when available

Always Show Admin Bar – Always shows the admin bar if the user has previously logged in to the site. Non logged in users will see the bar in the normal place, complete with a login link.

Code to Disable Admin Bar Completely for Everyone

If you want to disable admin bar completely for everyone, you can add one of the following codes  into the functions.php of your current theme:

[php]remove_action(‘init’, ‘wp_admin_bar_init’); [/php]


[php]add_filter( ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’ ); [/php]

What’s Next?

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  1. Great tips, thanks! I didn’t even realize that admin bar was visible to my users so I’ve been englightened and was great to have the plugins to access as well.

    Just got the Page Expiration Robot plugin by the way. Nice!

    Quick question… what plugin do you use for your post footer?

  2. Oh, sorry, maybe you’re not using a footer plugin with your posts?

    I was checking out plugins that would allow me to end all of my blog posts with a specific graphic or text and liked your “What’s next” plus the yellow box at the end.

    I thought it was a WP “post footer” plugin you were using. No?

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