New PER Features for “Events on Finish”

We just released a few new features to PER PLUS and PER PRO!  Here is a quick summary of them and a video tutorial on how to use them.

New Option:  “Stay on same page for all next visits after counter expires”

This is useful if you want to use Page Expiration Robot as a countdown timer ONLY, with NO REDIRECTION.

New Option:  “Show Timed Content”

This is useful if you want to show content after a certain amount of time the visitor is on your page.  For example, you can show a BUY button during a sales video. You set the content you want to show by using the variable [PERCONTENTS] before the content and [/PERCONTENTS] after it – any content between these 2 fields will show when the countdown reaches zero.

Please note that you are NOT required to use the [COUNTDOWN] variable to show timed content.  If you want to show content after 5 minutes, just select 5 minutes from the expiration option and do not use the [COUNTDOWN] variable in your post.  The content will still show after 5 minutes!

Here is a quick video I made showing you the new features:

This video is also on our helpdesk along with other FAQ’s and videos on Page Expiration Robot!

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Let me know :)

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  1. is there a new download of the updated plug-in?

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