New VooPlayer Features Including “Pulsating” Button & MORE!

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Hey!  So in our never ending goal to make VooPlayer the BEST video player for online marketers and webmasters, we’re really going nuts with the new essential features that we have gathered from our customers.  We released a few small ones a few weeks ago and we just released a few more killer features that you will love.

Also – We have  a quick 3 question survey that we would LOVE for you to answer.  

We are gearing up for the release of the next version of VooPlayer so please help us, help YOU!

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Here are the new features:

1)  Pulsating Button

When enabled, a new, nicely designed, pulsating button will replace the default PLAY button at start of video, when video is paused or at the end of video.

2)  Always Repeat

When enabled the video will play over and over again until it’s manually stopped or paused.

3)  On-Screen Play / Off-Screen Pause

When enabled the video will pause automatically when it gets out of the view area of the visitor’s screen when he scrolls, it will play again automatically when whole video is in the view area of viewer screen.

4)  Optin Lock

This feature will, if enabled, show a newly designed optin lock element over the video with play button.  The video will not play until user enters a valid email address and clicks play.

You can activate this optin lock at beginning of the video, at the end of the video, or at any specific time.


Enjoy these feature and let us know what you think!  Thanks :)


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11 Responses to “New VooPlayer Features Including “Pulsating” Button & MORE!”

  1. Hi Bill,

    love the new features, especially the pulsating button and the pause when scrolled out of view.

    Thanks for making a great video player even better!

    [One thing I would love… is if we could add an Aweber sign up form instead of just the name and email sign-up overlay… sigh! But then, maybe I’m being over ambitious? ;)]

  2. I love this player; however, when I used the social locking feature it never really worked as expected. I hope their are plans to fix this in the future. I would like to use this feature.

    Thanks for all the awesome updates. Will be testing all week and will also get back to you on my results.

    • Hey Joseph – Thanks! Can you please fill out the survey that I linked to at the top of the page to let us know what issue you are having? Or send a ticket to our helpdesk. Thanks again :)

  3. The html code, corrupts my website which is from a google platform, whenever I try to embed the player onto our site.

    I think you guys still have a long way to go, in making this thing seamless for everyone – and YES INDEED as mentioned, the social network embedding feature has a few errors, especially on facebook.

    So please get it right before launching for public use!!

    • Hi “Alone in the Dark” – In the world of software, nothing works 100% with everything automatically. VooPlayer is not and will never be 100% compatible with 100% of all websites immediately and without some tweaking. We are confident in the release otherwise we wouldn’t have released it. If you have a problem please submit a ticket. If it’s a local issue, meaning the problem is WITH YOUR SITE and not with our software, then it’s a problem you will need to fix on your end.

      If it’s small we will do it no problem out of courtesy, but if it involves alot of work and you don’t have a programmer to help we can help you for a fee.

  4. The scrolling start/stop feature’s a great idea. Look forward to playing with it.

    Thanks for making a good product even better.

  5. Thomas Dye, Long time customer, You Guy’s
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    I Ranked top spot on First page of Google for my keywords huge amount of traffic on there!
    Hope we all do well, Man ! Do I love VooPlayer ? Of Course I do ! All Your Software’s Are Top Notch,

    Thomas Dye
    Thomas James Marketing

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