New Niche Site “Sneak Peek” And Using List Eruption In the Funnel

So for the past few months we’ve been slowly moving over one of our niche sites into a new site with new design and setup.  It’s been a ton of work because it involves over 30 different products all using amember so it’s quite a task.  That as well as a few hundreds pages of content as well.

30 different products sounds like a lot, and it is, but you have to realize that is only for 5 main front-end products.  The rest are those products at different price points and payment structures, not to mention many upsell and upgrade offers as well.

This site is still a work in progress and is about 40% finished.  It’s not even in the Google index yet because it’s still in dev. stage but I wanted to show you what I am setting up and hopefully it will spark some ideas with some of you.

So in this video I give a little sneak peek of the site and how we are using a call to action in the sidebar, give value to the customer and then use List Eruption to get them to subscribe and them share our stuff to their friends!

Very cool stuff, check out the video and if you want to check out List Eruption go here:

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10 Responses to “New Niche Site “Sneak Peek” And Using List Eruption In the Funnel”

  1. thats cool man. Nice work.

  2. Thanks for the insights on using List Eruption …bought it too just need to find the time to set it up!

    • Hey Jack, no problem hope it helped. Yes like I said in the video it takes about an hour or two to setup but it’s pretty easy to do.

      If you get your optin gift and rewards ready ahead of time and it will go even faster.

  3. I just got list eruption and hybrid connect….how well do they complement each other?

    When i bought hybrid connect, there was an upsell to WP Sharely. Do you think all 3 are sufficiently of independent value?

  4. Your advice and information is extraordinary…..thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I am now following you….

  5. Nice video, thanks for the demo. Quick question, in your video you take them right to the downloads page….does this mean your doing single opt in or double opt in for your lists?

    I’m just wondering because my lists are double opt in and I feel like they would be distracted from confirming their email if they are taken directly to the page you described. Thanks!

    • Hey Rob – Yes, we use single optin for just about everything. You are correct, if you are using double then they could be distracted from confirming. In that case you might want to redirect them to a page with instructions on how to confirm the opt-in and then take it from there.

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