Crazy Simple WordPress Plugin Creates A REAL Sense Of Urgency By Making Your WP Pages (Or Posts) Into Timed Offers On Visitor-By-Visitor Basis And Allows You To Double Your Sales With Existing Traffic Overnight …In JUST 3 CLICKS!


For example…

Setup a page in a way to show your offer to visitor A once (or for a limited time only).  If he tries to exit and return back the offer will no longer be available for him, and automatically redirect him to another offer — and at the same time, visitor B will go through that same exact process.

I do stuff like this all the time with this plugin.

Now you can too and for free.

Here Are Just Some of The Amazing Features…

  • Turn WP pages (or posts) into one-time offers
  • Schedule expiration after certain amount of time
  • Redirect expired visitors to a different URL/offer
  • Create perpetual expirations for automation
  • Set visitors to expire either by IP or Cookie
  • Set fixed-time expiration for all visitors
  • Integrated with Live Countdown Timer (PRO)
  • Splashscreen on expiration to create ‘fear’ of loss (PRO)
  • Works with major themes including Optimize Press, etc.

Here’s why I’m giving it for free: Because I am thirsty.

Thirsty to hear success stories. Let me explain…

My name may sound new in the IM niche (for now!) but this doesn’t mean I am new when it comes to creating techniques, tools and software that will increase your online business.

In fact, since 2005, my buddy Bill Zimmerman and I have been promoting our own products and services in the health, fitness and beauty industry and we have been (and still are) secretly going  under the radar when it comes to making money online.

And since I am a fresh name to the IM list, I am thirsty to build a positive reputation and this can be achieved by “giving before receiving”. So put me to the “test” (and I dare you to do it!)

“John, I can make good use of this. I was thinking it would be good for special offers! Your smart”
Victor Fernandes -
Free Download. Installs In Seconds
No Money Required – No Trials – Unlimited Use


* I’ll send you the installation instructions and guide here!


WordPress 3.0+ Required. Works with WP Posts and Pages

Compatible with Optimize Press and other major themes.

In Fact, I Will Prove It To You By Giving You To

Use This Highly-Effective WP Plugin 100% FREE…