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how to create a wordpress plugin from scratch

How To Create A WordPress Plugin From Scratch

Creating products is a great way to increase your streams of income.  There are so many different kinds of products you can create in the world of Internet Marketing, and that is what makes this business so exciting.  There are thousands of ways to make money and endless possibilities.  As I type this right now, […]

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How to Disable/Remove Admin Bar on WordPress For Logged In Users

After WordPress released version 3.1+ the WP admin bar appears for ALL logged in users while reading a post or page. So if you’re like me you do not like that admin bar hanging around there and you may want to hide/remove it. There different ways to remove admin bar on WordPress. Disable WordPress Admin […]

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Building A Niche Site Part Two – Setting Up WordPress

If you want to read my first post on this topic, just go here. This is the second post in a series in which I will document building an Amazon products review site.  In my first installment, I talked about finding the products, checking keywords and the competition for those keywords, buying a domain name, […]

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