[Video Tutorial] Funnel Strategy To Immediately Increase Sales & Subscribers

If you have just one salespage up I want to show you a funnel strategy that will immediately have an impact to the number of sales and subscribers you get from the same traffic.

Conversion is something not talked about by alot of people.  Traffic is always a big topic and as well it should, but there are countless ways to take advantage of the traffic you already have and convert as much of them into leads and sales as you can.

Check out my video and below it I will have some links to stuff you can use to get this done.  And sorry about the very, very sloppy writing in the video.  I just got this pen tablet recently and it’s not that easy to write while looking at the computer screen.  I found that out quick!

IMPORTANT:  I did forget to mention in the video what happens on the discount offer page.   When the visitors gets to the discount page with the countdown timer, they have two choices.  They can either BUY or click NO THANKS.  By clicking NO THANKS they get taken to the gift that you promised them for opting in.  So have that NO THANKS button/link right under every BUY button.

Here are some tools you can use to get this done.  If you have any questions on them or the differences between them just leave a comment and I’ll help.

Optimize Press – This WordPress theme is extremely popular, we use it for a ton of stuff and really love it.  You can build salespages and squeeze pages and they look fantastic. They also have exit page script built into it as well.

Instabuilder – This is not a theme, but a WordPress PLUGIN.  Great if you don’t want to change your theme but still want to easily create awesome looking salespages and squeeze pages.  Another awesome tool to have.

Hybrid Connect – LOVE this plugin.  This one is just for building subscribers ONLY (no salespages).  You can create all types of great forms and squeeze pages to build subscribers.

Exit Splash – There are some free WordPress plugins that I’ve tried but they are buggy and not supported.  If you want a good script for this then you can’t go wrong with this one.  We bought this script years ago and it still works great.  You an use this for WordPress as well as regular HTML sites.

Page Expiration Robot – This is our countdown timer that automatically redirects when the timer hits zero.  This really gives scarcity to your offer which is very important.  The plugin has tons of options and is one of our flagship products.

Leave your comments and questions below.  Thanks!

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  1. Great tips on sales funnel man. It’s a near perfect strategy to maximize value of each visitor!

  2. Useful content. Thank you!

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