VooPlayer Now Integrated with Facebook – Add Videos In Your Timeline

At IMW we continue to build and improve our products for our customers.  If you haven’t noticed, recently we have released Facebook integration with VooPlayer.  Now when you save your video inside the VooPlayer dashboard you have the option to grab code that you can use to put a video directly in your timeline.

Yes, you heard that right!

You can put the videos directly in your timeline or in your Fanpage or Group page timeline.  And not only that, some of the best features of VooPlayer work right inside Facebook.  Now you can put BUY buttons and email optin forms right inside your videos that show in Facebook.Voo Updates

Here is what is working in Facebook right now:

1) Clickable overlays (images and text too) – Add any image that is clickable or text that is clickable.  You can add BUY buttons or anything else and sell right inside of Facebook or direct traffic to your website.

2) Clickable logo – Add your own logo to the video that is clickable

3) Optin lock – This is the feature that allows you to lock the video so that it will only play if the viewer subscribes by entering their email address.

4) Optin box- This is just your regular optin box that allows you to collect subscribers right inside your video

5) Analytics – Our analytics also work inside Facebook now!

It’s easy to use, after you save your video just click the Facebook button and copy that code into your timeline!


What’s up next?

Well, we are continuing to work on new features including more analytics and some other marketing features that will blow your mind.  In addition we are also working on a new user interface.  When we relaunch the new version of VooPlayer many of the features will only be available with a subscription payment plan, either monthly or yearly.

So if you haven’t yet purchased VooPlayer, now is the time to get in while the price is still a one-time fee.  By becoming a customer now, you will have lifetime access to all future upgrades and features of VooPlayer, as well as lifetime support!

You can grab VooPlayer PRO HERE.

Questions, comments, concerns?  Let us know in the comments below!

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27 Responses to “VooPlayer Now Integrated with Facebook – Add Videos In Your Timeline”

  1. Fantastic, well done! I look forward to trying this out. ;-)

  2. Hi Bill, When I tried posting the link on my fb page, it only displays the link not the video. Am I doing something wrong?

  3. Nice addition. Facebook’s certainly the “it” thing right now. Look forward to playing with the new feature.

  4. I am thinking about purchasing this player but I would like to know if your service hosts the videos or do need a seperate serivce I need to pay for like Amazon?

    • Hi EC – We do not host your videos. You would need to host them either on Amazon S3 or on the server you are hosting your website. S3 is extremely cheap and what I would recommend. A completely free alternative would be to host them on Youtube, in which case you can still use the all of the VooPlayer features. We are also working on Vimeo compatibility now as well.

  5. Bill,

    Are there any videos around showing vooplayer in action?

  6. Nice work Bill! Looking forward to seeing where you take this tool in future.



  7. Great feature for one of the best players on the market today. I’m like a kid in the candy store waiting to try it out. When do you expect to have your new interface done. Keep up the great work.


  8. Nice! Just found out about this and I’m stoked. I can see many possibilities here. I’m going to try it out shortly. :-)

    I just wanted to say (as an early adopter) of VooPlayer… I’m thrilled that you guys are continuing to develop this great “lil app.” So many developers drop the ball on that.

    Good job! Keep it comin’! :-D

  9. Hey guys, should the videos placed on Facebook using the code, play on mobile devices? Mine don’t seem to play.

  10. When posted to Facebook, does it show the video itself, or just an image that needs to be clicked on to initiate the video?

  11. Nice feature, but it only works on desktop browsers. It does not show the video to users using the facebook official app on the iphone.

    That is really a shame.

  12. The facebook features do not work on facebook but they do work when I visit the url or embed the video on my blog.

  13. Hello Bill. I’ve tried to play video inside facebook and it was only possible if I upload it to Google Drive, but now even google drive has some security problems with facebook..
    The problem is that when I try to play video inside facebook it gives me some blank picture, and sometimes it has pop up option so when I click it it pops up to another window, ” that’s not inside facebook ? “

  14. I see that most people commenting here have the same issue

  15. Hi Guys – Before I test this out has it been fixed yet?

    Also I am wondering about new features for 2015 from you…any thoughts? Thanks & keep up the great work

    • Hey CD – I’m assuming you are referring to the Facebook issue? Yes everything is working, feel free to test it out yourself. In 2015 we are planning to get more interactive features, one in particular that will allow you to survey the viewers and ask questions and then serve video content based on their answers. This will allow you to segment your viewers and supply them with the content they want, which will be particular useful with video salesletters.

      We are also looking to incorporate more analytics and split testing with Facebook as well as some possible “page builder” features. Lots of exciting stuff!

  16. This is Really great guys. I took some time off and now I’ll be back right into it asap with your amazing software & service.

    I look forward to testing out the new features in 2015 – Until then, have a wonderful Christmas and more importantly “THANK YOU” for supporting all your clients.

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